Waterjet Cutter: Introduction to Its Uses and Advantages

At present, the advances in new technology never fail to surprise us. But the best thing about it is the fact that most of them contribute to making our lives and works a lot easier. It is now easy to find a technology or a piece of equipment that can provide us with the best results, sometimes, more than what we are expecting. And this is great. One of them is the use of a waterjet cutter.

With this, it becomes possible for us to cut, slice, or drill materials deficiently than other types of cutting machines. The technology involved makes use of a high-pressure water flow to cut different types of materials. Water at 40, 000- 55, 000 psi passes through a nozzle and this cuts the material in the desired size and shape.

Indeed, thanks to this technology we can now achieve the results we want when it comes to cutting or shaping materials. In the past, we can do this but with so many limitations. In most cases, it would also take a lot of time before we can finish the task with uncertain with the results. Today, the tool has become a great alternative for electrical discharge machining, cold-cutting process, traditional machining methods, and many more.


Advantages of Tool

Here are some of the best advantages of this tool that we are enjoying today that other traditional processes could not offer.

  • It is isothermal
  • Does not leave dust
  • Has a faster cutting speed
  • Produces accurate cuts
  • Offer production flexibility
  • Does not cause mechanical stress on the material
  • Does not release harmful gases to the environment
  • Can be operated on any point or part of the material
  • It can cut materials like marble, glass, wood, food products, plastic, and metals
  • Set-up cost is lower. You don’t have to adjust the set-up as per the material that needs to be cut
  • It lessens the number of scrape materials left after the process, thus avoiding the need for secondary finishing
  • It can be slowed or stopped in between the process without any damage to the material.

Now, so many industries incorporate the use of a waterjet cutter in their cutting operations. The majority of sophisticated cutting operations in the industry or aerospace like cutting, reaming, and shaping of aero parts are now made easier with the use of high-pressure jets. Also, the tool is also instrumental in the mining industry. Such industry makes use of waterjet in cutting and drilling rocks in hard-rock mines. The high-pressure jet is highly effective compared to low-pressure water cannons that have been long used in coal mines.

Moreover, manufacturers all over the world spend a lot of their time to find ways to enhance and improve the efficiency of the tool. A lot of these companies conduct experiments and studies on the current technology to utilize the tool for more fields.