Every Modern Kitchen Needs a Vacuum Sealer

One way to qualify that a household truly has a modern kitchen is if it has its vacuum sealer. If you happen to own a wonderful piece of kitchen appliance like how this is, you understand fully well how revolutionary this product can be. 

If you don’t own one yet, here are some of the best reasons why you should start looking for own vacuum sealing machine. Reasons that you may be missing out on and may need to have in your household.

More than just a primary tool for cooking sous vide meals, there is more to it than just vacuum sealing that you ought to know — that is if you are keenly interested in saving more money on your food budget. 

How Does a Vacuum Sealing Machine Work?

There are two things that a vacuum sealing machine does: first it takes out the air from your food container or food bag, after which it seals your container with its heated strip. This way the vacuum inside will be trapped. The air inside your food bag or container is suctioned out with a pump that pulls the air out at such a rate that is way faster than what ambient air can do to replace it. 

There are varying qualities for an air pump, and in the most part, this is the deciding factor for whatever it is going to be the overall market price of a vacuum sealing machine. The majority of edge vacuum sealers come with pumps that have plastic components in them. 

Although they work okay and delivers a pretty decent job, one drawback there is about is they overheat easily. Therefore, you must cool them down in between uses and they are not the vacuum sealing machine to have for heavy use.  

Industrial grade or higher quality vacuum food sealing machines come with heavier-duty pumps. They are far longer lasting than mediocre-type of sealers because their components are usually made from sturdier parts. 

This is the type of vacuum sealing device that you need to have if you are looking for something that can stand frequent use and abuse, without needing to cool it down between takes. 

Why Does Vacuum Sealing Preserve Your Food? 

What deteriorates food and brings about its spoilage? Contact with oxygen. If you freeze up your food in your fridge, that is not vacuum sealed, oxygen is likely to cause freezer burn. 

This is the reason why you need to vacuum seal your food item before you keep them in your refrigerator, especially those that are highly perishable. Vacuum sealing takes away oxygen and thus eliminates the chance of spoilage and deterioration by 200%. 

If there is a very little to no amount of oxygen to interact with, your food is likely to stay fresher for a longer period. But the reality is there is no possible way to suction out oxygen completely, it will still have tiny packets of oxygen in the food item itself.

Tiny packets of air in a vacuum-sealed food will not last forever. It comes with its own shelf life too, depending on the food item you sealed. However, that shelf life or longevity of food is usually far longer than the standard storage for that item, so still, it is advantageous on your part as a consumer.