High Tea Caterers Sydney: Essential Tips to Know

High Tea Caterers Sydney: Essential Tips to Know

One easy way to entertain the guests is by holding an afternoon tea. Most of the time, this is also done to celebrate special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and even baby showers. Traditionally, it was a formal occasion but today, this kind of event has become a casual and fun get together but often held in an elegant atmosphere. Hiring a high tea caterers in Sydney is a great way to guarantee the success of such an event.


First and foremost, you have to decide if you want to have a formal or causal high tea. Once you have made the decision, set the tone of the event with your invitation. For instance, if you want to send the invites by email, this makes the guests think that the event is casual. But if you print them out and address the guests individually, they would assume that it will be formal.

Food Preparation

In high tea catering, finger food is a staple. The guests will be expecting some sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc. But if you can’t prepare these foods, then you can visit a local bakeshop.

Finger sandwiches are also often served with egg, lettuce, ham, cucumber, and cheese. You can also have scones with jam and fresh cream. Just be sure to have napkins available as finger foods could get messy.

Table Arrangement

Always start with a lace tablecloth or you can opt for plain white linen. Then arrange your cupcakes, scones, finger sandwiches and other delicacies on white platters and surround them with jam and cream.

You can also use some decorative teapots to prepare your coffee and tea. Set each pot on both ends of the table. Then arrange the milk, lemon wedges, and cream near the teapots.

Hot Beverages

Saucers and teacups need to be on the left of the teapots so it’s easier for the guests to pour the beverages. If the event is formal, the tea should be brewed ahead of time. But if it’s casual, you can have different teabags for the guests to choose from. Be sure to provide empty bowls for the guests to discard their teabags.

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Visit your local florist and check out some fresh flowers to make into a decorative centerpiece. Red roses, for example, will give a glamorous touch and a large bouquet of daisies will add a whimsical atmosphere. You can use bright and colored napkins for more decorative touches.

If you have plans of organizing a party in the future, having the help of the right people will ensure the success of the event. High tea caterers Sydney can make the event special and memorable. Thus, make sure to take time in choosing the right team for your party.