Defining What Self-Bunded Tanks Are

Defining What Self-Bunded Tanks Are

Self-bunded tanks are ideal for use by companies and organizations that are in dire need of practical and reliable fuel storage solutions. If you are not really familiar with fuel storage tanks yet, they are literally a tank within another tank. And this kind of smart designing that it comes with has a unique purpose in mind. The double steel walls of these tanks will allow for safe and effective storage valuable liquids such as diesel and fuel.

Self-Bunded Tank Standard

Owing to the stringent implementation of industry regulations and the country’s environmental laws, the utilization of bunded tanks and bunded storage systems has become a prerequisite for business organizations whose core operations run on the use of fuel or any other type of liquid to be stored on site. The reliability and level of strength that they come with have proven itself to be an effective and safe storage system.

These double walled storage tanks are taking away the need to have complex bunding requirements and offer organizations versatility and effectiveness instead. They are available in an array of filling capacities and are readily usable for various applications.  

Benefits of Self Bunded Tanks

  • Large storage capacity from 1000 to 110,000-litre
  • Some companies are offering rentable storage tanks
  • Enhanced safety features for personnel and environment, most importantly for your peace of mind, too.
  • Eliminates the need for external bunding
  • No need for the specialization of a civil engineer
  • Operational within the day of delivery, in a matter of a 2-3 hours
  • Prevents spillage and leaks
  • Lowers downtime on machinery
  • They can be used as containers and transported  by road, rail, and sea

Bunded Tank Durability

Self bunded diesel tanks are built tough. They are also specially designed with double steel walls which help keep the liquids they contain from spilling or leaking.  Should, for whatever reason, the liquid it contains is leaking through the second wall, the second wall will keep the spilled liquid from spilling through the first wall. Thus, it will not contaminate the immediate area you had it installed.

The Versatility of Bunded Tanks

Even if these storage fuel tanks are primarily designed to hold huge amounts of liquid like fuel, oil and waste oil, petroleum, biodiesel, diesel, chemical, and petrochemical applications, you can easily relocate them to another location. We can say that it is perfectly suitable to the Australian outback and land terrain.

They are Cost Effective

These liquid storage tanks are built to hold huge amounts of liquid in mind. Their storage volume capacity would range from 1,000 liters to about 150,000 liters.

It is very practical for any business organization to have this liquid storage feature anywhere in your site or facility. Your staff and workers will have no need to leave the site premises just to get their machines or vehicles refueled. Therefore, saving your company and employees valuable time and money in traveling to and from fuel stations.

Since these storage tanks are easy to install, the costs and time related to its set-up are minimized. Safe fuel limit is an added advantage. Compared to standard tanks of the same capacity, it is 10% greater. This signifies that this type of tank can definitely go longer in between your refills.