On Men’s Health: Awareness in Treating Testosterone Deficiency

As more and more people are now aware and concerned about their sexual and reproductive health, the number of testosterone prescriptions has also dramatically increased over the recent years. Although there is an increase of testosterone medications being prescribed to men…there is still a rising concern surrounding testosterone treatment.

Note that the main indication for a testosterone prescription is replacement therapy. Pharmacists and the general public need to be aware of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to ensure patient safety.

TRT is not for teenagers with normal levels of testosterone.

Testosterone is in its highest during puberty to early adulthood. The function of testosterone even begins in the prenatal period when the sex organs develop. They continue onwards and heightens during puberty, stimulating other male characteristics such as voice deepening and body hair growth. It also increases muscle mass, strength, and bone density. Too much testosterone is not also good for the body.

TRT is best given to androgen deficient patients due to pathological conditions.

Examples of androgen deficiency caused by certain medical conditions include Klinefelter’s syndrome, orchiectomy, and chemotherapy. Age-related testosterone decrease, which is known as late-onset hypogonadism is also considered. Men with metabolic syndrome or weakness may also benefit from TRT. These patients experience improvements in their overall health and quality of life, their insulin sensitivity, muscle strength, and bone health.

TRT must be given to patients who are truly diagnosed with testosterone deficiency.

Those who are considered as testosterone deficient present symptoms such as low energy, depressed mood, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction.

TRT is designed as a long-term treatment.

A good percentage of new users received treatment for only 30 days or less. The therapy comes with some risks and every human body differs from another. Therefore, careful assessment of the patient and appropriate prescription must be given accordingly.

Testosterone is available in different forms.

TRT is available as oral tablets, gel, patches, injections, and more. Oral tablets are great because they are well absorbed from the intestine. However, they are quickly metabolized by liver enzymes. The gel, patches, and injections improve delivery because metabolism is avoided. It is important to discuss with your doctor which formulation is best for you.

Important Note

When you have a low testosterone level and it causes uncomfortable and unforgiving signs and symptoms, testosterone replacement therapy can be beneficial. Your signs and symptoms are influenced by how low your testosterone level is and how long it has been low. Testosterone replacement therapy is available all over Australia, so you won’t have a problem looking for treatment. Monitoring is critical, so keep in touch with your doctor regularly.

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